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About me

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here.

After 20 years working with neurodivergent students in mainstream college-prep schools as an inclusion teacher-leader and learning specialist, I taught and provided ALL the strategies the books told me to in order to support students who seemed overwhelmed and underprepared for the day to day at school.

My graduate degree in education from Tufts University prepared me to know that there was this thing called executive functioning that controls our ability to plan ahead, manage time, direct our focus and attention, regulate emotions, and control impulses in service to a future goal (and more). It seemed pretty important, so I learned A LOT about it.

That’s how I get sometimes. Obsessed with ideas, research and evidence that can help my students grow in confidence, independence, and happiness. BUT…

I was tired of watching all those research-based  plans, systems, and great intentions fall apart the next day, or even in the next hour after the student left my office. I wanted to find a new way that actually worked to build their independence, competence, and GPA’s over the long haul.

And I did!

The science of well-being is just the refresh all those school skills are in desperate need of so they can actually stick with them for:

  • better grades
  • less procrastination
  • more internal motivation
  • improved memory, relationships, and energy
  • more happiness and peace at school and home.

Besides the fact that it works, it’s a lot more fun to teach, too. You know how it feels to have found something that is so good that it makes you really happy to share it with others? That’s why I left my very comfortable job as a highly respected learning specialist at a sought after Atlanta area private school to do what I do now. 

I was lucky enough to learn how to teach early on in my career at a funky little school that believed that teachers should be coaches and trained us in skills to come along side the student with reflective listening, jedi-mind trick like questions, and non-judgemental observations to help them come to their own best decisions about how to make positive changes for their own well-being and progress. Because I just plain ol’ love it, I keep developing my skills as a coach for students and adults through continuing professional education. These include:

Credentials and certifications are one thing. But, practice and proven impact are what really matters. You are welcome to check out my testimonials to see why I keep up with this approach here. 

Adding well-being into the center of executive functioning strategies works so well that I wrote a whole book about it. And it’s now getting published! You can see below for more information on that.

When I’m not helping clients and brainstorming my next book projects (I LOVE writing!), I am loving on my friends and family, reading all the fiction and self-help books, and petting my clumsy dog while daydreaming.

Available September 14 , 2023

Happy Grades Student Workbook and Parent/Educator Guide

Learn the 4 pillars to transforming scattered and stressed students into happily productive ones.

Practical strategies, exercises, and relatable stories that bring the science of happiness together with executive functioning skills for student success.