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Summer 1:1 Mindful Productivity Program

1:1 Summer Coaching to give your student personalized systems and strategies to start the year with more focus, preparedness, and confidence.

High School and College is Overwhelming

If they don’t have the strategies and systems, students find themselves…

And it’s not because you’re not giving them great resources, advice, and support at home, or because they aren’t full of bright potential and lacking desire to do well. Young adults are biologically programmed to reject your way to find their own AND also make sure they get your approval. It’s a confusing mix and not one that’s very conducive to allowing your wisdom and support to get through. But they are still kids, still developing the executive functioning area of their brains, and need the support. That’s where I come in…

What will We cover in our sessions?

Over the course of 6 hour long sessions, these are the mix of fundamentals I have learned from my over 20 years of experience with students who have a difficult time with school are the most important to ensure that your student learns systems and strategies they not only feel motivated to use, but have personalized and practiced so they can easily keep them going when the school year is underway.

Before we begin, you and your student will choose priority areas so we do the deepest dive in the areas they need the most.

Summer is a great time to get some of these systems and strategies in place.

When we’re not in the faster pace of the school year, we can take our time to really learn and practice these essentials.

3 Simple Steps to Student Success

This is for you if:

  • your student struggles with time management, organization, and prioritization.
  • your student is in high school or college and could use some more strategies and practice for how to study, read, and take notes for more comprehension and retention.
  • your student is neurodivergent in a mainstream school and could use some strategies that work for their unique profile.
  • your student is neurotypical and seems to have missed that “how to do school” class.
  • your student is on board with getting help this summer with these issues. They don’t have to be psyched about it, but they have to be open to trying it out and compelled by the idea of making some changes.

This is not for you if:

  • your student got B’s and is satisfied with that, but you think they should be getting A’s.
  • your student shows signs of chronic depression, anxiety, or a mood disorder that is not in treatment. I only work with students with mental health disorders as long as they are in the care and current treatment of a qualified professional.
  • your student has difficulty verbalizing and expressing their opinions and reflections. I have a lot of tricks to pull out information, but if this is an area of struggle, our work might need more than the summer to take root.

So I can show up and serve my students with my absolute best focus and energy, I take on only the amount of students I can fit comfortably in my schedule. I am not usually able to accommodate rescheduling to a different time in the week and can’t roll over unused or missed sessions to a new semester if student needs to miss or forgets to attend a session. 

I do not offer refunds, but will do my best to adjust my approach and work together with you about any concerns to ensure your satisfaction with my services. 

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