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Free Resources

The Planner for non-typical students

A refresh on keeping track of goals, responsiblities, and time that centers joy. Because what’s the point of keeping up with tasks and time if you’re not finding joy while doing it?

Get the plournal here.

The Fun Audit for Students

Replace screen centered fake flow and sense numbing junk flow for the real stuff that decreases stress, increases happiness and motivation. Help students get into a true feel better, do better flow.

Get the Fun Audit Download Here

Executive Functioning Quiz

Teach self-awareness about executive functions. Compare your scores to your students to learn more about how best to work together. Use strengths and weaknesses as a jumping off point for goal setting and strategy development.

Adapted from the best informal EF assessment out there from Dawson/Guare’s exceelent expert resource, Smart, but Scattered. I made it into an online tool that does the math for you.

Because this is a lesson in self-awareness, not math!

Happy Grades Resource guide

Want to know all my favorite books, resources, and tools I found in my research for my book, Happy Grades?

Check out this PDF resource guide.