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Free Parent and Educator Support Group

EFT and Q&A for Parents and Educators

Let me help you untangle from the stress of raising a teen who struggles in school and walk away with a fresh perspective.

FREE and online. 

30 minutes to connect, learn about a powerful tool called EFT, that can help you and your student(s) to release stress, and ask me questions about the stuff going on with your teen(s) that stresses you out. 

With over 20 years of experience working with teens who struggle at school, I have seen a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Come to connect, feel not so alone, and release stress. Which, by the way, is the #1 suggestion all the experts agree on is the best strategy we should be focused on to truly support the kids in our lives: taking care of our own needs to reduce stress, increase social connection, and our well-being. 

“Tricia is amazing. She has a way of integrating deep insight with practical applications.  She is a wonderful and supportive coach for parenting and for personal transformation. And she is a lot of fun to work with!  I am so grateful for her help.” From a mom in Massachusetts