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School Semester 1:1 Executive Functioning Support

Semester Long Student Support with a Focus on Student Well-Being

Helping students succeed with small, but mighty shifts in systems, strategies, and mindsets.

Now Enrolling for Fall Semester 2023!

It’s helped me back off of her, and let her fly a little on her own…with your support.  She’s so much happier this year.  You are so key in that.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Mom of 10th Grade Student at The Paideia School

Before coaching I thought I could not use a planner/a planner didn’t work for me. Now, I  think a planner is extremely helpful and aids me in managing my time and stress levels

I used to think I was not smart enough to do well in school,  but now I think I can achieve any goal because I have had those wins in the past which means I can have them again

11th Grade student in Atlanta, GA

how it works

I promise, I tried to make this as concise as I could, but this is a powerful investment and you should know what goes on in those sessions!

In the beginning:

  • Dedicated to building rapport, increasing self-awareness of Executive Function and Well Being strengths and weaknesses, and establishing foundations for academic progress.
  • exploring and defining meaningful goals purpose(s), and values
  • developing a small set of habits in alignment with their goals, 
  • creating an initial planning system that makes time visible (and out of their head) 
  • taking a habit inventory to identify habits that aren’t working for them and plan ways to decrease those and increase the effective ones. 
  • doing a “fun and chill audit,” where we learn about junk rest and fake fun and create some ways to get more true fun and real rest into their schedule to increase energy, motivation, and joy
  • establishing a homework ritual to increase focus and time awareness and decrease procrastination and lack of mental energy.
  • do a “time boxing” activity to create a time flow schedule and to make time visible (this usually results in students setting reminders or posting the schedule up so the way they use time starts to reflect this flow more). 

In the middle:  

  • Mindfulness warm up and check in -designed to provide simple practical ways to decrease stress and increase focus and energy. 
  • Check in, track habits, and reflect on what worked and what didn’t about their plans and follow-ups from last meeting.
  • Plan ahead. Using the system we have set up, the student looks ahead (usually while screen sharing or while I also look at their portals from my own device) and accounts for all the items that require their time and attention in the week ahead. We break those things down into smaller chunks and create a daily plan. The final step is to ensure that the student has also blocked out time for true rest and real fun. Student uses “remember to remember” strategies to set up prompting.
  • Workshop an assignment to get the ball rolling on something they typically procrastinate on or need some more explicit help figuring out how to start. Introduce and “teach” some academic strategies they may not know of to help them process information or tackle a challenge.
  • Finally, we wrap up the session by reviewing student follow ups and get proactive about any external supports they need to follow through from me, parents, or teachers. Create an if/then plan around obstacles in their way from their main priority for the week.

Throughout it all:

  • Parents are sent summary notes via a spreadsheet that the student also has access to around 24 hours after the session. 
  • I am available in between sessions for emails from parents or other members of the student’s support team or occasional brief calls or meetings to check in or strategize about supports. 
  • Free yearly membership to Happy Grades Academy for ongoing, extra support for parents and students.
  • Students will make mistakes and have a compassionate, neutral place to look at those patterns with less fear, shame, and avoidance. They become adept at recovering and prevention with creative, proactive solutions and positive habits.

This is for you if:

  • your student struggles with time management, organization, and prioritization.
  • your student is in high school or college and could use some more strategies and practice for how to study, read, and take notes for more comprehension and retention.
  • your student is neurodivergent in a mainstream school and could use some strategies that work for their unique profile.
  • your student is neurotypical and seems to have missed that “how to do school” class.
  • your student is on board with getting help with these issues. They don’t have to be psyched about it, but they have to be open to trying and compelled by the idea of making some changes to make their life work better.

This is not for you if:

  • your student got B’s and is satisfied with that, but you think they should be getting A’s.
  • your student shows signs of chronic depression, anxiety, or a mood disorder that is not in treatment. I only work with students with mental health disorders as long as they are in the care and current treatment of a qualified professional.
  • you’re expecting immediate results and constant forward movement. This is a very human process which means there will be setbacks, and sometimes “messy middle” mistakes to learn and grow from.

“Thank you for coaching him on his academic work and stress management as well.  He always seems really happy after his sessions with you and proudly tells me his plans for how to handle work and stress that you two discuss.”

Parent of 10th grade student

So I can show up and serve my students with my absolute best focus and energy, I take on only the amount of students I can comfortably fit into my schedule. For that reason, I am not able to accommodate needs to reschedule for a different time in the week or roll over unused or missed sessions to a new semester if student needs to miss or forgets to attend a session. The 15 sessions typically gives us enough room in the semester for support throughout the semester, including unplanned absences and scheduled breaks.

I do not offer refunds once we have contracted to work together and payment has been received, but I will do my best to adjust my approach and work together with you about any concerns to ensure your satisfaction with my services. 

Interested, but have a few questions first? Reach out and let me know!

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