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“Happy Grades is the ‘glue’ that’s missing for so many who want success without sacrifice.”

Editorial Review

Tired of chasing achievement while sacrificing your well-being?

The Happy Grades books offer a radically different recipe for real success and joy.

Gold Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Teen Non-Fiction Book of 2023!

For teens and students exhausted and unmotivated by traditional advice, Happy Grades provides an unconventional path to thriving in school and life. With powerful mindset shifts and practical exercises, this colorful, graphic workbook shows you:

  • How to quiet anxiety and boost self-motivation
  • Sustainable strategies for deep focus and retention
  • Redefining achievement without perfectionism
  • Nurturing internal motivation with creativity, interests and balance

No more procrastination, boredom or burnout. Just a blueprint for transforming your academic journey into one of curiosity, purpose and yes, happy grades!

For those supporting students, this handbook translates Tricia’s “joy mentorship” approach into immediately impactful lessons. Discover frameworks for cultivating:

  • Intrinsic motivation over competition and rewards
  • Emotional management over rigid schedules
  • Playful curiosity over rote memorization
  • Student agency and autonomy

With empowering insights and activities, you’ll have a clear action plan for nurturing students’ well-being and meaningful achievement.

“Happy Grades is an enlightening work that will reshape how you perceive and nurture executive functioning skills.”

Editorial Review