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1:1 Services

1:1 Coaching Services for students

Executive Functioning Coaching with a Focus on Well-Being

1:1 Executive Functioning Coaching helps students to learn how to run their life and get things done with self-awareness and control and a lot less stress and frustration for everyone.

If you find yourself wondering if they will ever have the skills to get things in on time, cope with stress and setbacks, get themselves started and follow through on critical responsibilities without all the last minute stress, intervention, or too much time for disappointing results, I want you to know it is possible and executive functioning coaching can help.

Science of Well-Being + Executive Functioning Skills =

  • Independence
  • Resilience
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Confidence
  • Goal Directed Persistence
  • Positive Coping with Stress and Procrastination
  • Strategic, Proactive Problem Solving
  • Self-Awareness

Currently enrolling for Summer and Fall Semester 2023

Summer MIndful Productivity 1:1 Program

1:1 Summer Coaching to give your student personalized systems and strategies to start the year with more focus, preparedness, and confidence.

1:1 School Semester Coaching

1:1 ongoing support and accountability for students who struggle with executive functioning to learn systems, strategies, and mindsets to get things done for school without sacrificing peace of mind and well-being.

I love to apply my empowering method to help students in 8th grade through college who:

are neurodivergent (such as, but not limited to ADHD, dyslexia, and spectrum disorders).*

are neurotypical but could use additional instruction, support, and accountability because being an adolescent is tricky!

fit that “smart, but scattered” profile

have trouble with procrastination, overwhelm, getting started on academic tasks, organizing, planning, and prioritization

could really use some help learning practical strategies to improve how they study, take notes, read, or write

*I work with students with chronic anxiety, depression, or mood disorders as long as they are under the supervision and treatment of a qualified professional I have consent to communicate with.

“Before, I used to be overwhelmed by my school work which led me to not put as much effort as I could into doing homework each night. I frequently napped after school and did my school work last minute. Now I feel much more organized in school. Whether that be my binder situation or scheduling out my work, this made school more manageable for me.”

11th Grade Student at Paideia in Atlanta, GA

Parent of 12th grade student in decatur, GA

About Me

After getting my getting a Master’s degree in Teaching from Tufts University, I went on to become an inclusion teacher and learning specialist working with neurodivergent students in college-prep mainstream schools for the very selfish reason that it was just more fun and interesting for me. I did that for 20 years until I wanted to dedicate all my time to sharing my unique blend of the science of well-being with supporting executive functioning skills with more students directly and started my own private practice in 2020. 

I am a teacher-coach. Meaning most of the time I really don’t tell kids what they should do. I use jedi-mind trick like questions and deep reflective listening I learned through a system called “motivational interviewing” which builds trust and buy in and motivates students to take ownership and take small, but mighty steps forward. But, I still reserve the right sometimes when I just can’t help myself to give them a good piece of explicit, straightforward advice when the time is right, too! 

I love bringing in practical strategies from the science of well-being (things like mindfulness, self-compassion, and analog forms of true fun and rest) to refresh those traditional strategies for organizing, time management, and learning. I find it’s a magical combination. You can see why I stick with it by visiting my testimonials page here. 

When I’m not working with students, I’m enjoying my family and friends, gardening readig, and engaging in my other career passion: writing books! My first published book is set to be out in Fall 2023 and it’s all about my favorite tips, tricks, and mindsets with students. You can sign up for book updates here.  

So I can show up and serve my students with my absolute best focus and energy, I take on only the amount of students I can fit comfortably in my schedule. I am not usually able to accommodate rescheduling to a different time in the week and can’t roll over unused or missed sessions to a new semester if student needs to miss or forgets to attend a session. 

I do not offer refunds, but will do my best to adjust my approach and work together with you about any concerns to ensure your satisfaction with my services. 

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