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Helping Teenagers Become more happily productive

I help students get unstuck from the cycle of stress, procrastination, and overwhelm so they start using systems and strategies that create more joy, motivation, and success on their unique terms.

And that means more peace of mind for you too:)

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Want my secret to helping scrambling, scattered, and underprepared students become proactive, happy ones who say things like this at the end of the semester?

I used to think I was not smart enough to do well in school. Now I think I can achieve any goal because I’ve had those wins which means I can have them again. 

I find myself less stressed out about all of my work than I did when compared to last year, and I can finally get my work done in a timely manner.

-Pulled from actual end of semester reflections from past clients.

Don’t worry. It’s not more charts, timers, routines, and reminder systems that you spend hours creating and they spend even more time forgetting and resisting.

The most experienced researchers on executive functioning agree:

When students take care of their needs to reduce stress and increase connection and well-being, they start acting with more clarity, purpose, and focus.

This is all about to get so much simpler.

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Want a printable poster to make this good learning visible and accessible?

“Before, I used to be overwhelmed by my school work which led me to not put as much effort as I could into doing homework each night. I frequently napped after school and did my school work last minute. Now I feel much more organized in school. Whether that be my binder situation or scheduling out my work, this made school more manageable for me.”

11th Grade Student at Paideia in Atlanta, GA

Parent of 12th grade student in decatur, GA

Available September 14 , 2023

Happy Grades Student Workbook and Parent/Educator Guide

Learn the 4 pillars to transforming scattered and stressed students into happily productive ones.

Practical strategies, exercises, and relatable stories that bring the science of happiness together with executive functioning skills for student success.

Free Resource Library

I make things all the time to help my clients and to make the research about what works accessible and practical. And what’s the use of them collecting digital dust in my folders?

Planning templates, recommended study supplies, free recorded workshops, interviews and talks, and more.

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Joy Works!

Because what’s the point of a great planner if keeping up with it all makes you feel miserable?

Parent of a 10th grader

“He always seems really happy after his sessions with you and proudly tells me his plans for how to handle work and stress that you two discuss.”

9th Grader at Decatur HS

“..When we started, I had a huge problem with not really paying attention and not having motivation for school. But now I work more regularly and am much more organized. I’m not getting distracted – well, actually, I still do – but now I can pull myself back.”

Mom of 10th Grade Student at Woodward Academy

I’m so glad she’s working with you this semester.  It shows in her school performance and her happiness at home.

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