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Ditch Burnout, Embrace Joy

Tired of chasing productivity at the cost of your peace of mind? Discover a new way to nurture success and joy.

As a joy-centered educator and award-winning author, Tricia Underwood is on a mission to redefine achievement without sacrificing well-being. Through her award-winning books and engaging guidance, she blends the science of positive psychology with relatable wisdom to help you embrace rest, play, and creativity as the true path to thriving.

Featured Books

Happy Grades Workbook

“If you think you’ve seen all the get-better-grades books, this one is different in the most excellent ways!”

Learn the 4 pillars that transform stressed and scattered students into happily proactive ones.

IBPA Teen Non-Fiction Gold Winner!

Happy Grades Parent and Educator Guide

“Literally, this workbook is a way of life. It’s not just for students, but I would question that this could be used for anyone in life wanting to be happier.”

Tired of watching their teenagers stuck in a cycle of stress, procrastination, and low self-efficacy, parents and educators are on to the fact that the old lessons on time management, study skills, and organization just aren’t cutting it anymore. Learn key tips and strategies for implementing the Happy Grades system at home and in the classroom.

Join Tricia’s free Substack and be part of the joy revolution! Every issue is your permission slip to let go of the grind and prioritize what truly matters.

If you’re anything like me, you really don’t need another newsletter of more information to read or listen to or stuff to buy in order to improve your life.

Let’s make this a lot simpler, shall we?

One of the greatest delights of sharing this book I wrote for young adults with parents and educators is hearing from the grown ups that they were inspired to apply the 4 pillars in their own lives as well.

Each week, I’ll send you a short and sweet permission slip based on the 4 pillars from Happy Grades that helps you let go of the pressure to be productive and embrace much more effective ways of living and working with more joy, play, connection, and creativity.

All cosigned by ancient wisdom and modern research on what truly helps us live happily productive lives of meaning and purpose.

“Before, I used to be overwhelmed by my school work which led me to not put as much effort as I could into doing homework each night. I frequently napped after school and did my school work last minute. Now I feel much more organized in school. Whether that be my binder situation or scheduling out my work, this made school more manageable for me.”

11th Grade Student at Paideia in Atlanta, GA

Parent of 12th grade student in decatur, GA

Joy Works!

Check out these testimonials by students who were coached with the Happy Grades pillars:

Parent of a 10th grader

“He always seems really happy after his sessions with you and proudly tells me his plans for how to handle work and stress that you two discuss.”

9th Grader at Decatur HS

“..When we started, I had a huge problem with not really paying attention and not having motivation for school. But now I work more regularly and am much more organized. I’m not getting distracted – well, actually, I still do – but now I can pull myself back.”

Mom of 10th Grade Student at Woodward Academy

I’m so glad she’s working with you this semester.  It shows in her school performance and her happiness at home.

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